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Commited to Science

Today’s aesthetic market requires objective proof of efficacy based on
based on scientific standards.

As a study center, we place particular emphasis on the professional and precise
execution of clinical studies, in compliance with current legal
standards, to test the efficacy and tolerability of products and
to generate evidence-based data.

Security, Innovation, and Quality are the basis of our activities

We work closely with leading pharmaceutical companies in the field of aesthetic medicine to guarantee the quality and safety of products and treatments.
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Our Mission

“We improve the world of aesthetics by bringing innovation to the market. We offer the best aesthetic solutions to our customers and share our insights with all stakeholders in the aesthetic community.”

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Center characterized by excellence and innovation.

We act as a center characterized by excellence and innovation in the field of aesthetic clinical trials, by standardizing processes and treatment regimens to make aesthetic results measurable.

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"Through our excellent and experienced study team we are setting a new scientific standard in aesthetics. "

What makes us stand out

YUVELL ® is the only aesthetic clinical research center with a consistent scientific approach.

Team of medical experts

Experienced, highly professional, and qualified multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians and study coordinators trained according to current legal requirements (GCP, MDR, CTR, IATA, GDocP)

Years of clinical experience

Our newest publications


"Our ambition is to advance clinical research in aesthetic medicine and establish a new standard of scientific aesthetics. "

“The key to our success lies not only in our performance but also in our enthusiasm for what we do.”

Valentina Prinz, Managing Director


Yuvell operates as a study site for clinical trials in the following areas: