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Our treatment options fall into two groups:

One group is composed of “non-invasive” treatments.

This kind of treatment improves the appearance of the skin, without the involvement of any needles or any cuts to the skin. One such example is thermage, which lifts your face and body skin without any surgery. You have no recovery time and can go about your usual daily routine immediately after the treatment. This type of treatment can fit into your lunch break. You can leave YUVELL®without any restrictions or regeneration time!

The second group of treatment options is composed of „minimally-invasive“ treatments.

This means that we use the thinnest possible needles to achieve the best possible result. This sort of treatment also requires practically no regeneration time. However, the schedule is ideally scheduled, so that any possible side effects from the treatment (such as a small bruise, which can be covered with make-up) does not interfere with or otherwise complicate your everyday life.

Our minimally invasive treatment options include treatment with devices such as a fractional laser, which works selectively and only targets a fraction of the skin at a time. This ensures a fast regeneration of the skin – with optimal results. In the case of minimally invasive treatments, your everyday life may be restricted for up to three days after (due to small side effects, such as light bruising).

Our goal is that everyone who comes to YUVELL ® leaves us with more beautiful skin and one less thing to worry about.

We therefore offer a fair and transparent price-performance ratio. Our prices are in the lower half of our competitors – with top quality and top training.

Depending on your needs and financial possibilities, we will work with you to create an affordable treatment plan. The range includes home care and cosmetic treatments as well as the entire spectrum of non-invasive or minimally invasive medical treatment.

Treatments with botulinum toxin (also known as “Botox®“) and/or fillers are the most frequently performed aesthetic treatments in the world, and for good reason: when correctly dosed and specifically applied by an expert, they do not alter one’s appearance in an excessive way, but rather help achieve a refreshed and fresh appearance. You will gain a noticeably smoother and more relaxed look. The goal of these treatments is to make minimal changes which make a big difference, as opposed to grotesque changes.

The results are reversible and last approximately 6-9 months. There are no known direct side effects and the treatment can be repeated at any time. Occasionally, after a botulinum toxintreatment, which relaxes the muscles, you may be limited in your ability to contract your facial muscles (even if the effect of the botulinum toxin has already worn off). The treatments are not addictive and you can determine the intervals of possible follow-up treatments according to your personal needs.

No. If you use high-quality, silicone- paraffin-free mineral powder, it will not clog your pores and will not cause any blemishes.

If the quality is poor, it may very well lead to increased impurities and, subsequently, skin damage.

High-quality powder is good extra protection against the sun and therefore against hyperpigmentation and skin aging. High-quality powder is good extra protection against the sun and therefore against hyperpigmentation and skin aging.

This is depends on the type of treatment, the time of year, and the individual skin type. Generally, direct exposure to sunlight after treatment is not advisable.

Because there is limited exposure to sunlight during autumn and winter, any treatment is possible in this period. A sun protection factor of 10-30 for the next 1-3 days is sufficient to protect your skin.

In the spring and summer, the type of treatment and skin condition is very important to take into account. After a classic treatment with a deep cleansing of the skin, you should avoid the sun and wear sunscreen for 24 hours after the treatment.

After more intensive treatments such as microdermabrasionor microneedling, you should apply a light protection of 30-50 SPF for the next 3-7 days and avoid direct sunlight.

If you do not have skin problems, one treatment every 4-6 weeks is enough. During such a treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleansed of impurities such as blackheads and pimples. An intensive active ingredient ampoule and our selection of face masks care for the skin.

If you have skin problems, more intensive care may be needed at the beginning, with as much as 1 treatment per week for 4-6 weeks.

Weekly treatments are also beneficial if you are currently undergoing spa treatments, in order to achieve visible results in a short time.

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