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Hollywood Laser Peel®
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Further treatment areas of the Hollywood Spectra Laser:

Hollywood Laser Peel®

For the first time in Austria, LASER PEELING with the new Hollywood Spectra ™ Laser

For an improved and radiant complexion in no time! Discover the innovative and effective treatment with the new HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA™ Laser (Lutronic Medical Systems) and profit from a unique treatment in the heart of Vienna, that will make your skin glow!

This patented laser toning ensures for a natural, homogenous skin complexion

First, a carbon lotion is applied, which needs several minutes to penetrate the pores and take effect. Then, the lotion is heated with the laser. After this, ultra-short laser pulses are used to remove the lotion by evaporating it, through which dead skin particles are gently removed. Pigmentation and sun damage are reduced and collagen production is stimulated, through which skin tone and texture are optimized.
The laser therapy is tailored to your specific needs by our team of doctors and is painless. Already after the first treatment session, there is a noticeable improvement in the skin complexion. Through the refinement of large pores and reduction of redness and wrinkles, your skin will look fresher and younger, with skin texture optimized. The procedure requires no downtime, so immediately after you can return to your regular daily routine. Immediately after your first treatment, your complexion is visibly rejuvenated.

It is recommended that you undergo 1-3 treatment sessions two weeks apart from one another.

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Key Facts:


Depending on the treatment and treatment areas you can already witness results after the first treatment session


As needed


20 to 60 minutes


The price is not fixed and varies depending on the number of areas in need of treatment. Price starts at 195 EUR

Your advantages

Most modern device of its kind on the market

Highly selective

Little to no side effects

Post-Treatment Instructions

Use of relevant skincare products and sun protection, which will be recommended by our doctors


Valid as of January 2021.
Subject to change.
All prices are subject to
Typographical and printing errors.

Good to know

Lutronic HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA™ is a world-renowned, innovative 1064/532nm Laser. It removes and reduces unwanted pigmentation and revitalizes the skin. With short pulse widths and a very high level of performance, HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA™ is safe and effective. Treatment requires minimal downtime and leads to a more even and glowing skin tone.

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