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Why we use threads

In recent years, various procedures have become established in the field of aesthetic medicine. The predominant treatments continue to be Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, mostly out of hyaluron. Even though injection techniques continue to improve, there are limits to this therapy when it comes to tightening skin.

So-called PDO lifting threads have gone through continuous development over the past years. Now, they are available as very stable threads, which tighten the skin without the side effect of adding unwanted volume.

Especially the cheek area and chin line can be visibly tightened through this procedure, harmoniously rejuvenating the patient’s face.

The combination of hyaluronic fillers and the thread lift lead to particularly natural-looking and effective results within a very short time. Another advantage of PDO threads is their potential to regenerate the skin, which occurs during the natural degradation of the threads.
Let our experts advise you on the subject of “gentle rejuvenation without a scalpel”.

Your Yuvell team.

Fadenlifting 1 min scaled

20. April 2022